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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

 The ideologies and logics behind white masculinities is re-defined by gender, race and class, as it gives effects into re-discovering and re-strengthening white male rights in society.  Stereotypical roles: humans are being defined on their sex alone (M/F) and the media agrees and it portrays females as delicate and males as aggressive  Dominance/power, the impact or influence a gp. of people have over others  Ex. Million dollar baby: main character is female yet the author focuses on the male coach, instead of the athlete itself who is a minority as she is a women.  Social class (socio-economic status):  Category of ppl who share a position in society based on income, wealth, social connections, education, and occupation  Who has the power? If you can make it normal, you can change the way ppl think=hegemony=theory of power where the dominant gp. keeps their dominance by making life normal (their version)  The subordinate gp. can resist, but there is a consent to accept life the way it is (resistance vs. consent)  Social stratification: notion of layering (most common 3 layers- higher class, middle, low)  Site of power: Messner  Structural: division of girls and boys  Cultural: team names (Barbie vs. monsters), colours (pink vs. blue)  Interactionist: adults say boys will be boys, wo
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