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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

Kine 1000Lecture Notes Welcome BackJanuary 7 2013 Prince soccer player walks off field to protest racism Among survey done regarding players on field Racism 26 Homophobia 25 Drugs 50 Match fixing 14 Depression 78 January 9 2013 Nick Ashby Leisure Mapping Essay Lecture Film AJanuary 14 2013 Media Literacy composing comprehending interpreting analyzing and appreciating the language and texts of both print and nonprint Media constructs ties into social construction a world which may or may not truly represent things as they are Every piece of media is edited Media does not tell you what to thinkit tells you what to think about Core Concepts 1 All media messages are constructed certain messages pushed forward while others are hidden The sequence in which clips are ordered and the message they send 2 Media messages are constructed using a creative language with its own rules music evokes a moodemotion the lighting costuming camera angle 3 Different people experience the same message differently audience brings its own knowledgeexperience to its viewing of the filmthey may come away with different interpretationsunderstandings of what it means 4 Media have embedded values and points of view what lifestylesvaluesPOV is shownafter viewing a film some viewers may get a stereotypical view of life 5 Media messages are constructed to gain powerprofit films are made if studioproducers feel they will receive a return on their investment Murder BallDocumentary Film broad category of moving film intended to documents some aspect of reality Impression of representing life as it islife caught unaware Has a specific messageopinion along with facts Films discuss Sex gender and sexuality aggressive and violence sport teen context with rugbyboxing characters with disability familyfatherhood Director uses camera lighting and sound to create a mood and communicate their vision Film BJanuary 16 2013 Media are constructions form and function are closely related audiences negotiate meaning contain ideological and value messages social and political implications and have commercial implications The director uses camera lighting and sound to create a mood and communicate his visionportray the American dream Relative calm quiet concerndeals with everyday lifeno special effectsGritty dark lighteningdog eat dog world Maggies soundtrack vs noneother characters Voice over narration BoxingCulture business Critique of corruption Maggies acceptance of all the conditionshardships imposed on her acceptance of Dunns paternalism and calling him box contempt for working class humanity Characters stereotyped Maggie perseverance insistence endure hardship for dreamlack of critiqueresistance of conditions or her treatment Frankie rough boss searching for redemptionlove Eddie good black man knows more than others Barbie Girls and Sea MonstersJanuary 21 2013 Socializationchildren and parents constructing gender Socialization active process of learning and social development as we interact with others Interactive process through which we actively connect with othersand make decisions that shape our lives and the social worlds around us Things determined before birth race sex social class ethnicity Social relations familycultural contextmeaningimportance Since we learn as we connect with people the meaning and importance of these experiences will be given by those interactions and the cultural context they happen in People who choose not to play sports may have different perhaps better socialization opportunities chess painting music poetry Other forms may get devaluated in the face of sports Sports are sites for socialization experiences rather than causes of specific socialization outcomes Different sports involve different experiences and therefore different consequences Eg power and performance vs pleasure and participation sports Drinking to be part of a basketball team
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