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Lecture 1

KINE 1000 notes from October 17th

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
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The Sperm & Egg: Their Roles Pg. 1: The picture of the egg and sperms depends on stereotype, related to our definition of male/female Stereotype is women are less worthy than men. Pg. 2: Quote Pg. 3 & 4: Sperm: Mobile, Small, millions, Strong, motivated, fast, persistent, Intrepid, Adventurous, Powerful, Brave, Winner (the one who makes it), Leader, Gutsy, flagellum. Egg: Bigger, home, stationary, mobile, limited, selective, delicate, in need, life, disposable, lazy, Passive, In-waiting, Penetrated, Fragile, Compensated with the strongest sperm, useless without sperm, Complete once the sperm enters her, Useless until a sperm gives meaning to her existence. The winner is the one who makes it; all the other ones are losers. One sperm makes it; the million other ones are losers. Pg. 5: That perception that we have of this stereotype comes from somewhere. Where does it come from? Why do we have that impression? Especially now that we know that it’s not true; this was discovered in 1984 by scientists. David H Freedman says “the egg is not passive, not a “damsel in distress”. Pg. 6: The quote on this slide is what we have thought for a long time, and some people still think it is true. Biologists: sperm = aggressive, egg = wait for contact Pg. 7: Youtube videos make it seem that the sperm is adventurous and fast but not very smart. Fits stereotype that “men are not very smart”. New representation: sperm fast but ineffective Interesting representation of sperm, there’s a balance here. Egg is missing here, non-existent; not an issue when it comes to sperm. Pg. 8: This article was a non-attained view of the process; there was no description of what truly happens between the egg & sperm. Youtube video shows switched gender roles of sperm and egg. This is closer to what happens in reality. There’s a resistance between the sperm wall and the egg which is closer to what researchers have found. It’s hard to incorporate this knowledge into our lives. Critical thinking is important for adaption of change. Pg. 9: Woody Allen’s movie “Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask” good representation of sperm in a fearful, tentative light (only one of the sperm fearful in this case) Movie represented the sperm in a uniq
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