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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

POWER – GENDER, RACE AND CLASS Power is subordination -> oppression by higher power  Oppression and privileged relation groups New thoughts and new paradigms to make sense of power relations -> new ways of thinking with new ways of of acting offer change Race class and gender intersecting categories maybe normailsed and obstruct understanding of these intersecting categories Developing tolerance can contribute to finding commonalities Stereotyping simple generalization simplify the way we know each other  Change starts with self, relationships with others must be primary site of change Additive analysis of oppression is dichotomous (either/or) and ranking of oppression (I am more oppressed than you) 1. Institution (workplace, schools is on dimension) change at work place and become more tolerant. 2. Symbolic Dimesion (Male vs. female and the gender roles [Hegemonic masculinity]) Normalised to make social norms People thoughts as normal  Thoughts and summary o Who exercises power in society o Who oppressed and by who o Oppression filled with contradictions Antonio Gramsci theorized  Power = ideological ideas that make people (w/o power believe in same with those in power) o This is hegemony o Conditions to
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