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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

KINE 1000 FALL 2012 Power - Toward a New Vision Power  Not equally distributed  Has the ability to influence people and mobilize resources Oppression  Happens when society use power in an unjust or cruel manner to control media, economy, government …etc.  Can only survive through silence Additive Analysis of Oppression  Based on two assumptions: 1. Dichotomous thinking: either this or that, black or white, male or female 2. Ranking of the dichotomous thinking (one group is always dominant, and the other is always subordinate) Stereotyping  Provide superficial and simple views of groups through labels facilitated by media Dimensions of Gender Oppression (Sandra Harding) 1. Institutional 2. Symbolic 3. Individual  Institutional Dimension of Oppression ­ The institutional (schools, businesses, hospitals, workplace, and government agencies) ­ Ideology: equality of opportunity ­ Reality: race, class, and gender place groups in distinct institutional niches with varying degrees of penalty and privilege  Symbolic Dimension of Oppression ­ Made u of general ideas that are socially accepted to give an impression about a certain group ­ Feminine : passive, follower, emotional, weak, physical ­ Masculine : aggressive, leader, rational, strong, intellectual ­ These traits are not all inclusive set of traits, perhaps it fits mainly “Elite White Men”  Individual Dimension of Oppression  The race, class, and gender you were born into greatly affects your individual biography Resistance  Power and how it is distributed in society  Power is never total, there
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