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Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

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KINE 1000 FALL TERM Sport and Celebrity What is the big deal with sexualizing female athletes, when these females are making a lot of money out of it?  Structure versus Agency  Agency leads to money Globalization  Rapid and intense flow of culture, money, technology, and people Time, space, compression  The time it used to take for all these things to travel, has become less ­ We are able to get these images and information more spontaneously ­ Easy to find out about things very far away ­ As a result of this intense flow of information, the boundaries of the nation’s state becomes less irrelevant ­ Borders seem to matter less Transnational space and community  Immigrant communities that still maintain connection with people that they identify as part of their community ­ Diaspora – maintain connection or businesses with home country ­ Interconnectedness between people who are not their neighbors, but people from far away ­ Mobility across space, not just images and space Breakdown of national borders  Local and global are linked – local identities are shaped by things that are global Globalization/glocalization  Starbucks is very global  Glocalization - things that are global, but are modified depending on where you are in the world. Influence of the local. What constitutes costumer service is different in different countries  Globalization – homogenization of culture. Standardization of culture  More access - globalization is an equalizing force (everyone has access to everything because its everywhere)  Some countries become labor forces for other countries ­ I.e., Philippine nannies and Jamaican nurses working to get the foreign currencies Flexible citizen  Global elites emerging from globalization use breakdown of national borders to their advantage ­ Have severa
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