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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

KINE 1000 FALL TERM Importance of Appearance: Fatness and Fitness I Fat Studies Introduction  Multiple definitions of fatness ­ Fatness as:  A pathological, medical, psychological, and social phenomenon  A problem that requires a solution  A fact, a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or above Obesity discourse vs. Fat studies  Obesity discourse ­ Narrow view of fatness ­ Lens of medication ­ Fatness as pathology  Fat studies ­ Critical ­ Social model ­ Focus is not on the fat body itself ­ Seeks to develop fat culture Definition of fatness from Fat studies perspective  A fluid subject position relative to social norms  A shared experience  A self-defined identity Critique of the obesity epidemic – 3 Key debates 1. Critique of obesity science and claims made about fat bodies ­ I.e., BMI 2. Global obesity epidemic and consumerism 3. Moral discourse around fatness ­ Moral panic Fat subjectivity and embodiment  Mocks social norms  Complicated  Ambivalent  Vulnerable  Surviving negative self-image Extra Notes  Beauty and body work can empower us, but can produce hegemonic ideas  Our activities are influenced by both agency and social structures ­ Even if we are doing certain activities out of free will, the context in which we do them is still there (women vs. men)  Why do we care about how patients (want to) look? ­ So that people don’t get blamed  Obesity focuses on the biological and medical views of fatness  Fluid subject position – fatness associated with social norms, not be standardized measurements  Subject position - a way of acting and thinking influenced by ourselves. (ideas about thin and normal)  How we think about ourselves is influenced by social norms  Even people who are active have high BMI – more muscle mass  Obesity is an epidemic after tobacco Importance of Appearance II: Fatness and Fitness What is the significance of the title (in) visible?  Their
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