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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

KINE 1000 FALL TERM Guest Lecture – Event-Led Urbanization The EVENT  The “mega-event strategy” is said to allow “the powerful interests in cities to attach their agendas to the Olympic process, creating the perfect policy mechanism for ensuring a growth agenda Cities, a state of mind  Industrialization, rural life and its associated institutions of social integration crumbled under the weight of population growth, economic development, social mobility and social struggles  Urban sociology questioned how a functional society could be made out of a collection of disparate communities and competitive individuals fighting for survival?  Park believed that cities both produced and were produced by people Growth Machine and Regime Theory  Growth machine, local actors that organize around the property development industry and advocate the application of market forces to land use (i.e., highest and best use = economic benefit; not social). They wanted to attract a tourism industry and attract a commoditized sector in which they can bring in profit  Regime Theory, does not identify one particular group or small number of groups, but tries to explain urban growth by investigating the conditions under which certain groups will enter into coalitions that facilitate growth  Both theories focus on intra-urban context and does not account for inter-urban or transnational processes therefore, neglect the role of increasingly mobile elites or (Trans) national forces Managerialism to Entrepreneurialism  Political parties in power become more committed to strategies which foster rapid urban renewal rather than the provision of local services and facilities  Now more than ever, cities are forced to actively scan the horizon for investment opportunities Should cities refuse to contend in such an environment, the kinds of resources that
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