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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

Towards a New VisionPeople typically have are unable to see how our thoughts and actions uphold someone elses subordinationoEx White feminist talk about being oppressed but fail to see how their white skin benefits themAfrican American women see poor white women as powerfulPiece of the oppressor which is planted deep within each of usoWe need nee visions of what oppression is new categories of analysis that are inclusive of race class and gender as distinctive yet interlocking structures of oppressionIm more oppressed than youCompetes people for attention resource and theoretical supremacyRace class and gender as categories of analysis are essential in helping us understand the structural bases of domination and subordinationoWe also need to change our behaviourWe stereotype and objectify those different than ourselvesThese judgements based on category must be replaced with fully human relationships that transcend the legitimate differences created by race class and genderPatricias Collins questionsoHow can we reconceptualise race class and gender as categories of analysisoHow can we transcend the barriers created by our experiences with race class and gender oppression in order to build the type of coalitions essential for social exchangeAudre Lordechange starts with self and relationships that have with those around us must always be the primary site for social exchangeHow can we reconceptualise race class and gender as categories of analysisWe need to shift discourse away from additive analyses of oppression
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