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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Safia/ Humara

KINE 1000 WINTER TERM LECTURE NOTESHit Crunch and Burn Organised Violence and Men SportWith no force or fighting I hockey the sport will sufferMajority of sports dont allow fighting and athletes are penalized for it but hockey is different It is accepted to fight for example an advantage Fighting may be caused by defending ones pride and honourPeaceful side and friendship of sport I highlighted created controversy Tough Guise guys put up a front to get respect from others Boys learn as being a real man that you can only show certain parts of qualities that you can express independent powerful respectful tough There are also certain qualities or things you get called if you dont match up to societies ideologies fag pussy etc insults to conform youThe media system defines manhood across all racial and ethnic groups since there are so little representation of them Asians as martial artists etcMedias construct violent masculinity as a deviated normChanges in sports may be caused by money the influence of gaining or losing moneyDecrease in the number of children playing hockey Coaching Power and our BodyCoaches putting up a list of players who make the team or the players who are cut or there are one on one meetings with each playerCoaches have unknown power Ben Johnson had his medal taking away because he was tested for drug use this resulted in Canada developing strict regulations about being tested anytime for drug use Firth Estate documentary crossing the line sexual abuse in sports Athletes who were sexually abused by their coaches Athletes felt powerless when they were abused Parents play a role in this telling coaches to work athletes harderThere is an image where the coach is extremely authoritarian and athletes opinon is not taking into recognition Coach and physician responsible for Ben Johnson taking steroids he came from a poor background and was influenced by the idea of money which the coaches threw out him leading him to take steroidsCoaches are role models such as smoking or drinkingCoaching and OlympicsCulture of sport expects athletes to take the abuse if they complain they can leave the teamIn south Korea 6 female skaters complained about complaining about their athletes and were kicked off the team price to pay for raising a voiceThe athletes abuse was secondary to winning coach needed to winCoaching as caring leaders female gymnast was lead to a eating disorder because her weight inhibited her from winning and leading to organ failure and dying
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