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Kine 1020 Outline

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Hernan Humana

FACULTY OF HEALTH SCHOOL OF KINESIOLOGY AND HEALTH SCIENCE HH KINE 1020 6.0 – INTRODUCTION TO HEALTH AND FITNESS Term: Fall/Winter 2012-2013 you? Have you been able to manage your time better? How has that affected your physical health? (Hand in paper copies to your TA (Bethune 124) and electronically on Moodle. Due by Course Instructors: Dec 3rd @ 5 pm – 50% deduction if late. No excuses will be accepted, so please hand it in Course Director and Instructor: Dr. J. Kuk, Rm 2002 Sherman Health Science Research Center early. Will not be accepted after the midterm exam). Course Instructor: Dr. M. Riddell, Rm 347 Norman Bethune College Course Instructor: Dr. A. Belcastro, Rm 333B Norman Bethune College 3. Mid-Term Exam (38%) Laboratory Coordinator & Course e-mail Correspondent: Chip Rowan, Rm. 358 Norman Bethune Written during the December Exam Period (date to be announced by the university). College, [email protected] Includes all material covered in the lectures and laboratories. DO NOT BOOK ANY FLIGHTS UNTIL THE EXAM DATES ARE FINALIZED. Location: Curtis Lecture Hall (CLH) I Time: Section A: 8:30 - 9:30 am Section B: 9:30 - 10:30 am Section C: Online 4. Final Exam (40%) Course Web Page: Moodle (course information, lecture notes, announcements; grades, etc) Written during the April Exam Period (date to be announced by the university). Includes all material covered in the lectures and laboratories SINCE THE MID TERM EXAM, plus Expanded Course Description: INFORMATION FROM THE FALL TERM THAT IS RELIED UPON IN MATERIAL An examination of the components and principles of health and fitness with particular attention to PRESENTED IN THE WINTER TERM. methods of evaluation and modification. Topics also include chronic disease, mental health, Grading and Missed Exams: nutrition, environmental health, national and global initiatives in health promotion, fitness test protocols for occupational and sports applications and certifications for fitness professionals. Grading: The grading scheme for the course conforms to the 9-point grading system used in Course Learning Objectives undergraduate programs at York (e.g., A+ = 9, A = 8, B+ = 7, C+ = 5, etc.). (For a full description of The purpose of this course is to assist students in developing an overview of the main concepts in the York grading system see the Undergraduate Calendar- area of health and fitness. 2013/academic/grades/index.htm) The specific objectives of the course are that students will be able to: Note: Final course grades may be adjusted to conform to School of Kinesiology and Health Science or Faculty of Health grades distribution profiles Demonstrate a breadth and depth of knowledge in health and fitness Demonstrate knowledge of the terminology and nomenclature in health and fitness Work individually or in a group to obtain and analyze fitness and health data. Missed Exams: Students with a documented reason for missing a course test, such as illness, Apply practical skills for assessing fitness, health and movement. compassionate grounds, etc., which is confirmed by supporting documentation (e.g., doctor’s letter) may request accommodation from the Course Director. Students must also complete a deferral form Laboratory Objectives: from Bethune 341. Students must contact the course director within 1 week of the missed exam and Students will develop practical skills for administrating and interpreting of a variety of health and provide the appropriate documentation within 3 weeks of the exam. A make-up exam is generally fitness assessment procedures together with lifestyle counselling. All students will personally written at least three weeks after the missed exam. undergo the health and fitness tests covered in the laboratories. Thus, it is imperative that st
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