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Healthcare System Lecture#2.docx

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Jennifer Kuk

HH KINE 1020 12/09/2012 Lecture #2 Healthcare System Health- A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being  It is not just the absence of disease/illnesses  Being healthy s connected between mind, body and soul. o Health is not just physical (Cannot always tell if someone is healthy by their appearance) Lalonde Framework- a Canadian Health field concept contrasting our lifestyle an environment (1974). Healthcare Systems  System built to help maintain the populations’ health (hospitals, therapy, rehab, etc.).  Canada’s healthcare is publicly funded (Public Healthcare System). o Free access to healthcare for all Canadian citizens.  Unite States offers a private healthcare, majority of the population obtain is through their employers.  Canada provides healthcare to all citizen generally no one is “uninsured” . o No matter the age o Down side is the period of wait time to actual care o Patience are ranked in urgency o Decision for care is up to his/her physician Canada’s Health Care System  Universal coverage of health care services  Medicare – Publicly funded health care system OHIP  Ontario residents have access to health funded by the province. To be eligible for OHIP:  Be a permanent Canadian citizen. HH KINE 1020 12/09/2012 Lecture #2  Reside in Ontario for 153 days within a 12 month span.  Make Ontario your home.  Ontario is required to fund necessary hospital and medical or primary care services and other health services. Canada vs. US H
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