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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Jennifer Kuk

HH KINE 1020 14/09/2012 Lecture #3 Health Care System (cont.) Inactivity Cost  2/3 of Canadians are physically inactive  Compared to an active person, an inactive person: o Spends 40% more days in hospital (inactivity cause an increase in health risk) o 5.5% more seek more attention from physicians o Uses 13% more specialists services  Annually the cost of health care due to lack of physical activity is: o 2.37 million family physician visits o 1.42 hospital care Canadian’s Current Health Care Status  Perception of health is decreasing o Awareness of being healthy has changed (89.2% to 8.2%) o Circulatory diseases (heart diseases) are the leading causes of death (35%) o Obesity are a major factor (2005, 2.4% of 18 year olds and up were obese and 35.1% was overweight) Physician Income Canada USA  Canada is paying less malpractice insurance than USA HH KINE 1020 14/09/2012 Lecture #3 Health Planning, Promoting Impact of Health  Proceed o Gov. legislations, to reinforce health  Smoking age, Drinking age, Drinking and Driving o Education o Media  Precede o Smoking areas o Afterschool programs for physical activity Changing Health Profile  Until the 1990’s o Health quality was not as sanitized and efficient as today. o Majority of death was due to infectious diseases  Early 90’s to present o Improve in health care quality, sanitation, and service o Life expectancy increased o More likely to develop, have to liv with, and die from a chronic illness Life Expectancy  1900, female life expectancy= 51 years; males= 48 years HH KINE 1020 14/09/2012 Lecture #3  In 1991, the gap between the sexes was 6.3 years, with girls expected to live to 80.9 and boys to 74.6.  Girls born in 2005 can expect to live 4.7 years longer than boys, with female life expectancy at 82.7 and male expectancy at 78. Death in Canada  #1 cause of death in Canada, Cardiovascular  2/3 die from heart disease and cancer  Diabetes are a factor to heart diseases  Within our generation age group accidents are more likely to happening Social Determinants of Health  Factors that determine our self-care and quality of our environment o Diversity and Social exclusion  Heart diseases percentage are higher in low economic class o Income equity  Tracking income can predict longevity o Job security and working standards o Housing and food security o Education and care in early life  Maternal care impacts life expectancy  Breast feeding (likely of developing illnesses decreases) HH KINE 1020 14/09/2012 Lecture #3 Future of Health and Wellness  Health is a continuum Complementary ad Alternative Medicine (CAM)  Generally considered part of convention medicine  48% of adults use CAM Types of CAM  Natural Products o Probiotics, herbal and botanical medicines (Echinacea and fish oils)  Mind and body
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