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Health Psychology Lecture #4.docx

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Jennifer Kuk

HH KINE 1020 28/09/2012 Lecture #4 Health Psychology Health Psychologist  Focus primarily on the mental of the individual or community of the environment he/she works in  Scientist who research the area  Health promotion-intervene at the social or individual level to promote health and prevent illness and disease  Clinical health psychologist- intervene at the individual level to treat illness , slow or prevent disease progression and reduce disability or a patient  Optimize patients mental health Health Psychology  Study of social, behavioural, cognitive, and emotional factors that influence o Maintenance of health o Development of illness and disease o Corse of illness or disease o Patient and family’s response to illness and disease  Having good mental health promote, optimism, happiness, self-worth, self-efficacy, love and intimacy o Scoring high in mental health typically means less disease as we age  Social well-being is the ability to function satisfactorily in social roles such as work, family, and recreation SF 36 Survey  Asses one’s health o Mental o Emotional o Physical o With just 36 questions  20% of our health is determined by our genes  40% is impacted by our behaviour  Medical care contributes to 10% of overall health Biopsychosocial Model  Reinforces all of our decision making for modifiable perspectives  Psychological choices: o Behaviour o Emotional o Cognition HH KINE 1020 28/09/2012 Lecture #4 o Personality  Provides techniques use in changing behaviours that affect health and illness  Committed to keeping people healthy rather than waiting to only treat them when they become
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