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Precise notes on 4 lectures associated with Musculoskeletal Health (chapter 17)

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Angelo Belcastro

22/11/2013 KIN1020 Musculoskeletal health (1) *  Muscles help power walking and walking that allows for other fundamental motor skills (running, jumping, skipping)  Can also be associated with non-locomotive activity (catching, throwing, striking)  Fundamental motor skills happens from 6 years of age till 11 is coordinated and brought together to specialized movement skills  Fundamental motor skills can be enhanced by physical activity (PA) that can lead to specialized skills  The quantity, and quality of muscle cells play a large role in determining the pattern and the effectiveness of movements *  Specialized movement skills have a variety of different outputs:  -Functionality (activities of daily living) –occupational (task specific) – sport-related (competition/performance) –active lifestyle (CRF, STRENGTH/POWER, BODY COMPOSITION, AND FELEXIBILITY) *  There is no gold standard for musculoskeletal fitness (what is assessed is not related to all components of the body)  Overall muscle function should be assessed *  MSK disorders are associated with the highest indirect costs in Canada  These include: 1. Low back pain 2. Occupational-related MSK 3. Arthritis(a disease causing painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints) 4. Osteoporosis(a medical condition in which the bones become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue, typically as a result of hormonal changes, or deficiency of calcium or vitamin D) Questions -Why does more physical activity promote MSK fitness? 25/11/2013 KIN1020 *  Primary characteristic of skeletal muscles are that they are striated (in order/highly aligned), and it is voluntary; it comprises 40-50% of the body  Also a certain degree of alignment is seen in cardiac muscles. The cells in cardiac muscles are connected through a series of intercalated disks which aids in the activation of adjacent muscle cells  No alignment in smooth muscles (no regular structure and protein alignment) *  A muscle is composed of a number of fascicle (made of bundle of muscle fibers)  Muscle fiber (cell) itself is made of myofibrils (contain the basic contractile feature of skeletal muscle)  Muscle cells come in a variety of different characteristics  Muscle fascicle(n10 muscle cells)muscle cell(contain 2500 to 5000 myofibrils)myofibrils *  The base contractile unit of a myofibril is within a sarcomere  A sarcomere is defined by one z line on the left and one z line on the right (pg5)  5000 to 10000 sarcomeres within a myofibril  Different regions within the myofibril is due to the differences in the density of proteins contained in it  A band (darker region) has more protein  I band (light region) has a few proteins  Myosin are think and actin are thin *  Actin is made up of G actin (globular round individuals proteins) which form a helical structure called F-actin (filamentous actin)  Myosin is made up of myosin proteins. It is made up of globular regions head regions and a rod region (400-600 molecules coming together to form the thick filament pg6).  The basic production of force comes when these two proteins come together causing the z lines coming together. *  Its important that there is some control/regulation over actin and myosin interactions  ATP is mainly required in regulating the myosin molecules. (It is woken up/energized so it can associate with actin)(Head region of myosin is the enzyme ATPase which hydrolyzes ATP)  Calcium is needed to prepare the actin filament to be ready for the
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