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MSD II- Functional limitations.docx

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Angelo Belcastro

WHO Classification II MSK Functional Limitations Jan 20 MSK II Functional Limitations Description • Sensation of discomfort or pain in SM that occurs following unaccustomed movement/activity • An insult to SM that releases its contents into the circulation (rhabdomyosis) • Muscle proteins are found in the blood • Increases first 24 hrs peaks 24-72 hrs • subsides 5-7 days later Selected Causes of Functional Limitations Non Traumatic Traumatic • increased muscle exertion • crash injuries • heat cramps, conclusions • electric shock • inflammation (primary, secondary) • pressure necrosis (cell damage  death) • drugs • arterial occlusion • genetic conditions • surgery Signs and Symptoms • myalgia, localized pain (site of trauma ) • muscle weakness and swelling • doughy soft feelings in muscles • edema and discoloration • nausea and fever Clinical Assessment • myoglobinemia • creatine kinase – muscle form (CK-MM) • hypocalcaemia • hypophosphatemia • abnormal histology (necrotic areas) • Structural damage Stages 1) initial 2) autogenesis 3) phagocytosis 4) regeneration Initial Stage (first 24hrs) • Muscle tissue disruption (tendons/ligaments) • Loss of function (not reversible in 24-48hrs) • Loss of muscle is noticeable in the muscle (chunks are lost due to rabdomyosis) • Characterizes SM fatigue factors o Lower ATP o Increase in Ca concentrations o Increase ROS Autogenesis Stage • Increased protein breakdown (calpain proteases continues, and ROS made in mitochondria) • Some structure inside the mitochondria is lost • Swelling of sarcoplasmic reticulum – gets bigger • Inflammatory processes o Neutrophil accumulation in muscle o Monocyte and macrophage accumulation  Lysosomes, proteases, myelop
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