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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Jennifer Kuk

stBFORBona Fide Occupational RequirementMarch 31 BFORallow employerto discriminate in hiring screen applicants on or terminate oCharacteristics they need to have in order to be hiredoPhDprofessor Physically demanding occupations in which failure to perform the job or ineffective job performance can result in loss of life or propertyMr Bahinder Canadian National Railroadworked 4 year as electrician BFOR said to wear hard hat couldnt cause of religion fired 78oHard has personal safety wouldnt have negative impact on anyone else or loss of property they could have relocated him to area where no hard had requiredIs it a BFORThe standard must be for a purpose rationally connected to job performanceoAttributes related to joboMounties need to wear hat couldnt cause of religious belief is that hat related to job performanceStandard must have been adopted by the employer in good faith and belief that it was necessary for the fulfill meant of the world related purposeoCatholic for a priest is necessary to be a good priestoThe hat isnt related to job performanceThe employer must show that the standard is reasonably necessary to accomplish the workrelated purpose demonstrate that it is impossible to accommodate the worker without imposing undue hardship on the employeroEx Building with only stairs person in wheel chairin order to accommodate they would have to build an elevatordestroy historical building under hardshipDoes it require BFORDelivery personoUse fitness testing to hire themYou need to be stronglarge strong male idealHas a standard to do job set standard to like 50lbs
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