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Virus and infections - march 3rd - 10th .docx

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Jennifer Kuk

rdthInfectious diseasesMarch 310No treatment forAntibiotic resistant bacteriaMRSAtype of staph bacteria passed on through skin to skin contact Can also be spread through bed linens bathrooms fixtures and medical equipmentC difficilebacteria found human feces It can be passed on if a person touches an infected surface and then proceeds to touch their mouthCREis a bacteria found in the bowels and the feces It is very resistant to many antibiotics Affects patients using ventilators unrinary catheters and intravenous catheters VREenterococci is found in the intestines and female genital tract Infection is spread through person to person contactCaused 1 billion dollars and these things mutate in a couple yearGlobal Mortality from Individual Pathogens2002graphAcute infectionsData from 2002Various deaths from infectious diseaseHIV leading cause for acute pathogen3000 per yearTuberculosisinfection in lung kill lots of people 1900s inflammation in lungs then respiratory failure still kills 1500 ppl Malaria1200pathogen in a mosquito 30south Africa no treatment microorganism meds prevent it die from severe fever convulsionsPneumococcusaffects lungs1000particularly elderly and youngAcute infections are killing peopleHALYSSee how detrimentalacute infections are by attributing metricHealth adjusted life yearsEach year7 000 000 infections 4900 deathsHow many people dying and how many work days loosedPneumonia oLots die and lost workoViral pneumonia Bacteria pneumoniaoprevalent in both sexoExpensive conditionSepticaemia oGot in blood streamoKilling and losing daysUTIAcute bronchitisEndocarditisHeart infectionURIExpensive and life threateningRandom slidechartPathogens causing syndromesStreptococcus pneumonia bacteria that causes meningitis survive in cerebral spinal fluid causes inflammation dangerous lead to brain swelling and brain damageEcolifood not prepared ground hamburger raw chicken spread in gastrointestinal system lead to vomiting and diarrhoea Staphylococcusgoes to heart causes endocarditis Streptococcusmeningitis and sore throatHuman papillomavirusfemale genital tract vagina can be spread to males penis genital warts contagious oral sexthroat cancerGonorrhoeaUTI in males cervical infections in females inflammatory disease difficult to treatChlamydiadifficult to treatHerpes simplexcold sore genital herpes can get rid of itSyphilisneurological symptomsHow pathogens enter the human bodyprint image
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