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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Kuk/ Riddell

April 1 20121Physically active workers need to meet certain fitness guidelines Physical Fitness having attributes that are health related or performance relatedHealth Related Fitness those components of fitness that exhibit a relationship with health status triglyceride levelsPerformance Related Fitness bona fide occupational requirement optimal or safe work or optimal sports performance 2Higher fitness levels mean they can work more productive longer3Designed to create a more productive workforce 4People think work related fitness is a new concept5Shepard wrote this stuff6Notice that workers seemed to have trouble doing their job effectively and safely 1999 supreme court of canadas meiorin decisions7Introduced new physical fitness standard8Woman challenge it9Because the test was developed unfairly and it was bias Public Safety task10Task where safety of worker or public may be compromised by not being able to complete the task11Response time to fie killed a family 3 step process1Rationally connected to the performance of job1Necessary to the fulfillment of that legitimate work related purpose1Reasonably necessary and it is impossible to accommodate individual employees imposing undue hardship on the employer The test standards must be based on the performance of job criterion basedNot on the characteristics of he workers characteristics basedStandards must be based on the performance of the sub group with lower abilities Female and older front line workersStandards must be based on the current ability to perform the job and not the future likelihood of failure to performance the job assessing bf is not acceptable National BFOR Consensus ForumEmployer must have diligence to find out if employer can do job safelyCompromising the safety of workers of the public is unacceptableThe safety risk of providing accommodation which lowers the standards for applicants or incumbents would constitute undue hardships Initial StepsProject management team liason regular updatesJob familiarizationJob review provide rank ordered list of a high physical demand and occur several times per year
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