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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Kuk/ Riddell

KINE1020 LECTURE NOTES PART 2January 7 2013ATPIs intermediate high energy phosphate containing moleculeallows for the transfer of energy from exergonic to endergonic enzyme catalyzedfacilitated chemical reactionswith contraction the Myosin ATPase hydrolyzes the ATP molecule so energy is released for mechanical movement 25 and remainder as heat 75ATP concentration is held relatively stable therefore as muscle contraction continues energy in the form of ATP must be regeneratedthe use of ATP and production of ATP must be relatively matched in skeletal muscleEnergy systems to replenish ATPphosphagen immediateoccurs in the sarcoplasmdoes not require oxygenanaerobic energy systemdo not have a large supply of creatine phosphate so it does not lastfor a long time about 8 secondsthere is only one reaction to generate the ATP so it is fastGlycolytic uses glucose glucose is a carbohydrateoccurs in the sarcoplasman anaerobic and or aerobic oxygen requiring energy systemcalcium and insulin assist entry of blood glucose in aerobic glycolysisocygen needed for acetyl coA part of system aerobic glycolysisOxidative uses glucose and lipidsoccurs in the mitochondriaan aerobic energy systemincludes 2 pathways TCA cycly with redox reactions CO2 to NADHand ETC w electrochemical gradientFactors affecting capacity of aerobic metabolismconcentration of acetyl coa odygen and an electron transport chain enzymeJanuary 9 2013Summary of Biological Energy Systemsphosphagen system is immediate and anaerobic occurs without oxygenglycolysis is the breakdown of carbohydrates either glycogen stored in the muscle or delivered in the blood to produce ATP with or without O2oxidative phosphorylation system is the primary source of ATP at rest and low intensity it uses primarily carbohydrates and fats as substrates
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