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Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 1020
Kuk/ Riddell

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FACTORS IMPACTING MUSCLE HEALTH AND FITNESSAGINGJanuary 21 2013Overall trend Decline is chronicpersistent and may lead to restrictions of movement and the rate of magnitude of changes are modifiable but effect is not reversibleMaintaining or improving muscular strength later in life reduces the percentage of functional limitations by over 50 for men and womenPeople with greater muscle strength during midlife are at a lower risk of becoming disabled because greater reserve of strength regardless of chronic conditionsDecreasing skeletal muscle mass and strength with aging potential causes1 Loss of hormonal adaptations decrease in testosterone and growth hormone2 Loss of neurological influences loss of type 2 MUs causing cluster of type 1 MU with age3 Programmed cell deathSARCOPENIA caspases breakdown and degrade proteins and DNA apoptosisinducing factor AIF modified nucleusSARCOPENIA associated with apoptosis characterized by DNA breaking upfragmen
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