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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Kuk/ Riddell

Mar1513Promoting Physical ActivityDr Joe Baker bakerjyorkucaIf we get more people active our tax dollars will be used for other programs and things ie better roads rather than the disease burdenWe as a society have systematically removed physical activity from our daily lives and we think about it as a good thing however lately we have been seeing the negative aspects of itCanadas Physical Activity GuidesoSpecific guides for specific groups of people ie elderly adolescentsat risk groupsoOnes for children elderly little children teacher guides etcPanaceacure for everythingoExercise is our panacea almost every single illness or condition can benefit or be helped from physical activityoSide effect of exercise is more good things ie makes you think about yourself in a positive wayHow can we encourage people to be more activeoEnjoyment a universal of human behaviourComes from different places for different people and their senses of accomplishment and confidenceFun can change a persons motivation for the betteroHealth risks can also change a persons motivationPedometers measures theof steps to determine stepsday some also estimate the distance traveled and energy expendedoWorn on belt or waistbandoVery accurateoDo not capture all PAoVary in qualitydo NOT go cheap range from 100020000
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