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Kine 1020 - March 20th 2013.doc

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Kuk/ Riddell

thMarch 20 2013 Dr BakerKulmiye NurFemale Athlete TriadBMD Bone Mineral Density talks about the quality of your skeletonIs broken down into three components Low energy Availability Amenorrhea and OsteoporosisLow Energy Availability Leanness when related to sport this can be a very critical factor with performance cost Coaches want athletes to be as lean as possible But when discussed about women hormonally they are more at risk Christy Henrich 1988 One of the top female gymnast at age 16 was told that she had to meet the weight requirement of the sport and aesthetics Body Mass93 lbs BMI198 kgm2 Resorted to Anorexia and bulimia to control her weight and died of multi organ failure Lowest Body Mass 47lbs BMI98kgm2Heidi Guenther Not only constricted to high performance sport ballet dancer was told to lose 5 pounds 115lbs struggled with anorexia and died
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