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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Kuk/ Riddell

KINE1020FinalexamFactors Affecting Muscle Health and FitnessJanuary 713 Dr BelcastroMyosin ATPADPphosphateMyosinActinFORCEEnergy systems to replenish ATP are all integrated even though are separatedoPhosphagen immediateAnaerobic systemdoes not require O2Occurs in sarcoplasmoGlycolytic uses glucoseAerobic andor anaerobic systemBreakdown of carbs either glycogen stored in muscle or in blood to make ATPOccurs in sarcoplasmophosphorylation Oxidative uses glucoselipidsAerobic systemPrimary source of ATP at rest and low intensityOccurs in mitochondriaGlycolysisoConverts Glucose 6PPyruvateoPFK is the rate controlling reactionLow rate slower the conversionoAllows aerobic and anaerobic respirationoGlycolysis through anaerobic respiration is main source of energy for cellsGlycolytic energy systemoor In anaerobic glycolytic glycogen in muscle muscle lactate is formedoor In aerobic glycolytic glucose in blood pyruvate goes to Acetyl CoA this transports carbon atoms to Krebs cycleAnaerobic vs AerobicoAnaerobic produces small amounts of ATP molecules 2 ATP but in short timeoAerobic produces large amounts of ATP molecules 32 ATP but in long timeJanuary 9Skeletal Muscle FatigueoThe inability to maintain required power output which is related to a decline in force velocity and poweroIs reversibleTypes of contractionsoConcentricMuscles shorten while generating forceoEccentricMuscle elongates while under tension negative repsoIsometricMuscle stays same length while generating forceMuscle FatigueoEccentric exercise muscle force drops rapidly due to type of contractionoTakes a few days for muscle to return to normal stateoReturns much quicker when electrically contractedoProtein Troponin I and CK Creatine Kinase found in blood after workoutoTroponin is used for muscle contraction in skeletal and cardiac muscleStructure damage of muscle fibres after 2436hrs post workoutHigh force capacityhigh muscle disruptionConsequences of Muscle FatigueoDecrease in force velocity and poweroIncrease in blood proteinsoMuscle damage
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