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KINE 1020-Week 1- Lecture 1 and 2

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Angelo Belcastro

Jan0412 Why is Strength Important y Performance Related o SportMore power speed and balance reduce demands on cardiovascular system o JobReduced risk of injuryProductivity y Health Related o Lower risk of functional limitationsAvoiding injuries predictor of advanced age disability reduces chronic low back pain o Lower risk of chronic diseasesImproved blood sugar control retard prevents osteoporosis incr metabolic rate o Psychological HealthImproved selfimage o Emergencies fight or flight situations Muscle Fibre Types for Sport Performances y Endurance distance running higherof type 1 slow fibres y Strengthicehockeylowerof type 1 therefore more fast fibres o Having these characteristics does not determine the performance in a sport Health Related Study by Brill Higher percentage in functional limitation with lower strength Study by Ratanen Muscle Strength as a predictor of old age disability y Walking speed and rising from a chair those with lower strength had more limitations Training when done in an appropriate manner will resu
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