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Lecture 7

KINE 1020-Week 4- Lecture 7, 8, and 9

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Angelo Belcastro

Lecture 7 Jan2312 Cardiorespiratory System and Metabolism y Cardiorespiratory Fitness How do we supply the muscle with things that it needs so that it can do the contraction and work that we want it to do Human Respiratory Systemy Sinus area warms and moistens air y Nose hairs are used as filters y Cilia Line hair like projections that push remove foreign substances and mucous up until the epiglottis so that it can be swallowed Conductive Zone no gas exchange Mouth nose trachea larynxbronchibronchioles humidifies warms and filters air Respiratory Zone gas exchange BronchiolesAlveoli Blue blood low areas of oxygen high areas of CO2 Capillaries cover aveolis External Intercostal Muscles contract and lungs go out air going into lungs diaphragm will pull lungs down Expiration Internal Intercostal Muscles relaxing the muscles Lung Function Test Spirometer test measures how much air you breathe y Tidal volume amount taking per breath y Vital Capacity blowing all the air out y Residual capacity the air left over after you blow all the air out y Cerfactin helps out lungs not stick together y Functional Residual Capacity the air left when you do normal breathingAdult male avg value Adult Female Avg Description Value Tidal Volume 500mL 500mL Amount of air inhaled
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