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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Jennifer Kuk

Cardiorespiratory System and MetabolismThe Human Respiratory System Figure 1 Remember what each part of the respiratory system does 1 Sinus Area warms the air before it goes into the lungs because it makes it easier to extract oxygen when the air is warma Ciliaare thin projections in which it does not allow unwanted substances to go into your lungsacts like a filter b Mucus does not allow foreign things to enter the lungs but instead of it going to you lungs the mucus traps the foreign material and it is swallowed and digested in the stomachComponents of the Lower Respiratory Tract 3 Lobes in the right lung and there are 2 lobes in the left lung o The reason why one lung is smaller than the other is because the heart comes in the way Passage way for airo BronchusBronchiolesTerminal BronchioleAlveoli Conductive Zone no gas exchange mouthnose tracheaLarynxBronchiBronchiole o Primary job is to humidify warm and filter air Respiratory Zone gas exchange Bronchioles Alveoli
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