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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Kuk/ Riddell

IntroductionHippocrates in 400 BC was interested in exercise and believed that if every individual can receive the right amount of nourishment and exercise they would be able to find the safest way to healthWe still do not know what the optimal amount of exercise a person needs to obtain a healthy lifeAristotle The father of Kinesiology stated that the exercise of walking is said to produce better health or is it that better health produces us the ability to walk walking should be in vain if it does not produce better healthPeople who smoke are less likely to engage in physical activity but even if they engage in physical activity they still will not stop smokingActive individuals eat better There is no relationship between alcohol and physical activity or safety practices flu shot and physical activityThose who think they have no time for exercise will soon find time for illness Edward StanleyIn 1737 Luigi Galvani discovers that electricity stimulates contraction when he accidently dropped an electrode on a dead frogs leg and it twitchedIn 1847 Carl Ludwig measured human blood pressure by inserting a giant pole into a person and measuring how much blood is pumped in each heart beatIn 1920 Archibald discovered VO2 max which is the maximum amount of oxygen you can uptakePhysical fitness is divided into three categories which are body composition musculoskeletal fitness and cardiovascular fitnessPhysical fitness is the capacity to live an optimal life The ability to live your life the way you would want to Physical activity promotes the functional quality of a wellbeing If you are physical active you are more likely to maintain your physical fitness The ability to do work is determined by the level of several attributes like muscular strength and endurance cardiovascularrespiratory endurance flexibility and body compositionHealthrelated fitness are the components of fitness that allow you to activities of daily living such as walkingPerformancerelated fitness are the components of fitness that enable sport performance and optimal workPhysiological fitness is based on the biological factors that affect out health status like blood pressure and lipids that are influenced by being physically active If you look healthy but you still are not fit and do not exercise you are still considered to end up having a chronic illness or disease in the futureMost doctors do not generate health promotion they only fix you when you have diseases but dont try to prevent them We should not wait until people get sick we should prevent them from getting sickHealth care spending is increasing each year and about 10 of our GDP is spent on health care which is about 160 billion dollarsThe US spends much more on health care because they have more sick people and also have better technology that most countries dont haveThe money used for healthcare is used on hospitals drugs doctors salaries other professionals research grants for cancer and only 6 is used in public health prevention which should be increasedPrivate health care systems are not covered under OHIP so you have to pay for them such as getting a massageA lot of money is spent on disease prevention programs such as antitobacco diabetes and participaction Childrens fitness tax credit which when children get a discount when put into a sport like swimming or playing soccer but this doesnt help for the people who cant afford it Only 36 of elementary schools have a physical education teacher Lecture 1 Health Care Systems Dr RiddellThe idea of being healthy is not based merely on whether or not you have disease but is actually stated to be that being healthy is a state of complete physical mental and social wellbeing The enjoyment of the highest attainable health is a fundamental rightAs Canadians we have access to gain optimal health but still do not take advantage of it Being healthy is a connection between body mind and spirit Genetics cancerous cells behaviours exercise whether we live in a healthy environmentcommunity alcohol abuse stress are all fundamental factors that affect our healthLalonde framework indicated that health is more than just doctors and hospitals It is determined by human biology health care organization lifestyle and environment Prosperous economy affects our health People can afford to eat better and be educated and health care funding A good economy reduces the impact of injury and disease and has increase emergency preparedness and responsesIf someone has a health crisis usually money and technology is required radiation technology for cancerA flourishing environment is also crucial because where you live determines if you have a healthy lifestyle Pollution crime rates and lack of resources in your area impact your health Some areas you have to drive everywhere to do anything nothing can be done on foot Therefore a built environment affects the amount of time you spend in a car which correlates to obesity heart disease and etcA vibrant and just society is based on the way the rich care about the poor but if they didnt care about the poor they will die Paying taxes and voting for a political party that promotes social welfare If you are a Canadian means you have universal coverage for medically necessary health care services provided on the basis of a need rather than the ability to payAnother term for universal coverage is medicare meaning that tax payers who dump a lot of money into the system will get medical need without payIf you are unable to pay for medicine a case worker will put you under the Canadian Health actThe Canadian health care system is an umbrella that manages all the different provincial and territorial systemsWithout a OHIP card in Ontario it is not easy to get medical care To have a OHIP card you must be a Canadian citizen and live in Ontario for 153 days in a 12 month period because to be a part of the system you must pay taxesPrimary place of residence on income tax form must be OntarioOHIP card does include access to primary health care physicians and tertiary care hospitals but does not allow access to medicine unless you cant pay for it If you are unemployed or retired you can have access to free medicineOHIP also covers a variety of community services such as homecare and other support services that help with chronic illnesses and those that live aloneFurthermore it covers mental health services for retired people they got covered with assisted care including food and nutritionIf you are 65 and over on social assistance or you have high drug costs most of the money is covered by OHIPThe US health care system is complex because its a combination of national and private funded and each time Americans visit a doctor they have to swipe their credit cardThere is a assistance program in the US for people with low incomeIn the medicare is restricted to the elderly and the poor but in Canada the all Canadian citizens have universal coverage throughout the countryEngland and Scotland also follow the same health care approach and the National Health Service Model they follow indicates that each primary health care clinics and doctors offices unit covers 5000 to 50000 persons Secondary care is for people that require health care that is too complex for doctors who refer them to a specialist neurologists internal medicine doctors and each specialist covers 50000 to 500000 personsTertiary care is for people who are diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and need medical care sick kids hospital or Toronto general hospital and each specialist covers 500000 to 5000000 persons They are very expensiveThe cost of health care expressed as GDP shows that health care is getting more expensive over time due to more people developing chronic disease baby boomers inflation the new technology used and doctors get paid moreThe Americans spend way more money on health care due to the enormous amount of unhealthy people the high paid salaries of the doctors and insurance is high because doctors and nurses get sued all the time but still produce more deaths10 of GDP in Canada goes to health care Canadians should learn to save money and live healthier life styles to ensure the amount of money we spend on healthcare doesnt rise
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