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Kinesiology & Health Science
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Gillian Wu

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Buffers Increase in H ions cannot be tolerated by body system. Critical system becomes deteriorated. There are different systems that help with minimizing H ions. Read in slides Hydrogen ION regulation (1) When H+ balances HCO3 In the tubule, you have hydrogen ATPase’s which are responsible for secreting hydrogen ions , can do it against concentration gradient because they are driven by ATP. Move H ions from inside the cells into the filtrate. On the Luminal surface of the tubule, there is NO transporter for HCO3, so whenever you have HCO3 in the filtrate, NO DIRECT WAY OF ABSORBING IT, Kidney is rich in enzyme carbonic anhydrase, TWO LOCATIONS (i) inside epithelial cells (ii) luminal surface of the epithial surface. Carbonic anhydrase(Ca) the enzyme catalyzes reaction between water and CO2 to form carbonic acid, once its formed it dissociates into hydrogen and bicarbonate ions. This helps in efficient movement Bicarbonate ions are in the filtrate, Hydrogen ions that are pumped into the filtrate, very small of H ions that will be filtered through glomerulus. Rxn that moves bicarbonate and H ions from their free ion state to their production of water and Co2
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