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Nervous System Lecture Notes Clear and concise notes taken during lecture. (Received an A+)

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2031
Neil Smith

Nervous SystemOrganized into Central Nervous System brain and spinal cord and Peripheral Nervous System Everything elseFunctionality is divided into sensory afferent and motor efferent o Somatic sensory is from the body skin bones etc o Visceral sensory is from the viscera ie stomach expanding o Somatic motor is the voluntary movement of muscle ie skeletal muscle o Autonomic motor is the involuntary movement of muscle ie cardiac muscle smooth muscle glandsComprised of sympathetic fight or flight and parasympathetic rest and digestSTRUCTURALLY linked to the visceral sensory Neuron Structure Cell BodyDendrites are extension of the cytoplasm that direct information toward the cell bodyAxons are extensions of cytoplasm that direct information away from the cell bodyUnipolar and bipolar neurons are sensory multipolar are motor
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