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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2031
Nicolette S Richardson

Found: parts of the male urethra and conjunctiva of the eye layers of columnar cells adapted mainly for protection Stratified: multiple layers Number of layers Simple: one single layer found: lining of sweat gland ducts, and salivary gland ducts Classifications Shape Squamous: thin, flat and wide cells layers of cuboid cells adapted mainly for protection Found: Lining of uterine tube Cuboidal = cube shaped layers of squamous cells adapted for protection Stratified Columnar has cilia on the surface, also goblet Columnar: slender and tall. Column Found: Epidermis of the skin Stratified Cuboidal shaped cells to produce mucin Ciliated Simple Columnar Found: digestive tract Stratified Squamous goblet cells may also be present to produce mucin has microvilli on the surface to increase Non Ciliated Simple Columnar Simple Columnar Functions Physical Protection (Example: Urinary SA for better absorption and secretion Bladder) Found: lining of nephron in the kidney Absorption (Example: Kidneys) Primary function to absorb fluids Simple Cuboid across its surface (both ways) Epithelial Tissue Sensation (Example: Tongue, Epiglottis) Local Control Example: Sweat, earwax, saliva Delicate; specialized to allow the Simple Squamous Types Secretion (Example: Glands) Exocrine Secrete Products into ducts, travel movement of molecules across the cell
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