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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2031
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Muscles Questions regarding sample questions • If there is a diagram and there will be an arrow which will point at a specific spot o You will have multiple choice and just choose the appropriate answer • There will be few muscles which have origin and insertion which you need to know o He will tell which you need to know o How where it starts and where it ends • Mostly he will ask "what does it do" o Moving of elbow - flexion o What muscle produce it - muscles around the articulation o What they do (muscles) • Spend time, visualize where the muscles are and what they look like Muscles Shoulder Girdle • Trapezius - superficial • Rhomboid - large adductions of the scapula • Serratus Anterior - originated at the 8 ribs o Underneath the Scapula and then to the medial border of the scapula o Antagonist to that is the rhomboid muscle o abductor o Fiber direction goes down • Rhomboid and Serratus Anterior o When they both contract they hold the scapula in place • Levator scapulae o It elevates the scapula o It's found above the scapula o Comes from the transverse process then down to the scapula o Fiber direction downward o When it contracts elevates the scapula o If your scapula was locked in and fixed, when this muscle contracts on one side, then you will have lateral flexion to the head Movements of the scapula • Upward rotation shoulder joint o Trapezius • Abduction o Rhomboid and trapezius • Elevation o Levator scapula o Trapezius o Little bit of rhomboid • Depression o Lower fibers of the Trapezius o Serratus antrior Pectoralis minor • Rib number 1 to 5, close to the coastal cartilage - hook anterior side of the shoulder joint • Powerful depressor • Medial rotated of the shoulder joint • Chopping muscle Deltoid • Shoulder muscle • Always involved in shoulder movement • Producing or inhibiting (stabilizing) • Covers the anterior, posterior and lateral part of the shoulder • Narrows down to the shaft of the humerus • Anterior head, posterior head, lateral head of the shoulder joint • Anterior head o Passes in front of the shoulder joint o Flexion of the arms of the shoulder • Lateral head o From the acromion process to the deltoid o Abduction • Posterior head o Extension • Anterior head can do a little bit of rotation but the above mentioned are their main functions • Anterior and posterior together - stabilize or abduction Pectoralis Major • Two heads, largest portion coming from the sternum • Upper portion from the clavicular head • Across front of the shoulder • Intertubercular groove on the humerus • Involved with flexion - muscle shortens • Adduction also • He will always ask from anatomical position • Where does it start and where does it end? Then you can figure what it does Latissimus Dorsi • Posterior huge muscle • Lower part of the thoracic vertebrae and part of the lumbar vertebrae, • Origin - lumbodorsal aponeurosis • This muscle passes the inferior end of the scapula inserts in the intertubercular groove on humerus - inserts in the medial ridge • Pectoralis major it inserts in the lateral ridge • Adductors o Back part of the joint o Flexor and extensor (antagonistic muscles - pectoralis major and latissium Dorsi) • Sports: rowing, swimming, gymnastics, o Broad shoulders and flatten back o Big latissimus dorsi Serratus posterior you don't need to know Rotator Cuff Muscles • Muscles collectively called the guardians of the shoulder • All of them will pass in front or above or back of the shoulder joint • They insert in the anatomical neck of the
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