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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2049
Merv Mosher

November 9, 2009 KINE 2049 Ethics in research >Informed consent: make the subject aware of what is to be done. -Background / invitation to participate - Why do the study; why "you" as a subject -Explanation of procedures -explain all procedures in detail Video clip professor is showing from the show “House” A very obese individual ---professor discussing should you treat individuals who are obese should they be treated the same way as anyone else? .We have talked about a lot of examples of inappropriate behaviour. .What is proper research how should this be conducted? Informed consent - makes the subject aware of what will be done to them. .There should be a detailed explanation of the procedures you should know exactly what you are getting involved in. -Potential risks and discomforts -physical (pain, nausea, blood, etc.) -psychological (anxiety, fear, etc.) -legal (civil, criminal) -economic (job loss) -social (privacy issues) -What treatment if injury occurs??? .Professor giving an example of the patient being given marijuana and then you drive and get into an accident - these are illegal activities. -Potential benefits -subject or society ---don't overstate -if no benefit to either subject or society then it’s not ethical research -Rights of inquiry and withdrawal -asks questions whenever you want and get answers -quit whenever you want .Professor is discussing some contracts for research you sign and you get paid for them. .However you only get paid for the completion. Page 1 of4 >Valid "informed consent" - implies that the subject understands the information that has been given to them. .Professor giving an example of people that download software and don't read the conditions. "Newspaper Article: Report backs researcher in drug fight" .After a five year battle she decided that this drug was not any good. .Apparently she got fired. .Professor advised that Canada is a leader for research and problems happen all of the time. >Confidentiality and anonymity -only the researcher should know the subjects' results -use codes if possible; also group data Ethics in Action .Discussion of nurses’ health study - participants are identified by their assigned identification number, only authorized study personnel granted access to personal information...(Professor changed slides) >Invasion of privacy -is the activity a public event? Example: crossing the street when it says don't walk. .First example was a well dressed individual that walked against the traffic light - more people followed him than someone dressed up as a homeless person. .Is the event a public activity? .It is not an invasion of privacy or an example of unethical behaviour. .Another example - your child is in daycare: and parent's being hooked up to the web to see what goes on? .When you are writing an exam and you are videotaped is this an invasion of privacy?-Not not really because there are also T.A.'s watching you while you are writing. Another example: should you be videotaped while you are in the washroom? Yes this is an invasion of privacy. .Another video clip from “House” where the patient was the person involved in taking advantage of babies who were given radiation without the parents consent. >Safe and competent treat
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