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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2049
Merv Mosher

October 19, 2009 KINE 2049 .If you printed out the WebCT pertaining to the car training study you will require this. KINE 2050 -next term Stats class, the class is done differently than this course. .You must attend the labs as it is a different format. .If you expect to get reference letters from professors you need to make an attempt to get to know your instructors. .Some post regularly on WebCT. .If you disagree with somebody's answer try to justify why this is the case. .Use this as a study tool. .Next Monday is the exam and you must write in your time slot for this class. Topic 3 Disseminating Knowledge .Discover some knowledge and transmit the knowledge to others. Newspaper Article - Did China beat Columbus? .We know that the Vikings discovered North America before Christopher Columbus did. .Christopher Columbus is credited with this because he disseminated knowledge. Methods of Disseminating Knowledge .Presentations -Public address -Poster presentation .Written Report Public address -Advantages .Some of the faculty get together and present papers to one another. .One of the advantages is the presenter is able to get feedback. .Feedback is useful when doing research. .Another advantage is that you can make changes to the research based on your feedback. Page 1 of4 -Disadvantages .A limited audience. .Lack of permanence - as soon as the speaker finishes speaking all the information is lost. .It is not peer reviewed and the findings may be inaccurate. Newspaper Article: Digest medical stories with a grain of salt. .Number needed to treat - many presentations do not acknowledge that the funding came from a drug company that will produce the drug. .Results presented at meetings are often in preliminary form. .Long term effects are seldom as dramatic as presented. .You need to be skeptical about the information that you find. .You need to look at the original published journal article. Number Needed to Treat (NNT) Definition .The NNT is the number of patients who need to be treated in order to prevent one additional bad outcome. .It is the inverse of the Absolute Risk reduction. (ARR). How to Calculate NNTs NNT = 1/ARR ARR = lCER - EERl where ...professor changed slides Methods of Disseminating Knowledge .Poster presentation some of you will have the opportunity to do this in your 4th year in York. .There would be a conference and people would be invited to put the information about your research on a Bristol board. .Other researchers would come by and you would get into a conversation. -Advantages .You will have the people who are reading your posters are the people that are interested in that topic. .There is casual interaction. .In a large room most people are terrified to ask a question. .However, if it is a one on one you would be more likely to ask questions. -Disadvantages .Limited audience there may only be 10-15. .Issue of permanence - is this poster permanent? What will happen when this is over? It will be folded up and put away - it is not like an article you can find in the library and it is not peer reviewed and may not be accurate. Page 2 of4 Written Report .They are the gold standards. -Adva
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