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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2049
Merv Mosher

October 7, 2009 KINE 2049 Topic 2 Research: Questions and Types of Research .Page 43 of your text. .This is the last class before Reading Week. .Professor said we should be thankful for everything that we have in Canada. .Professor will put up an e-mail that he has received from a student - this is an example of how you need to take initiatives. .Student should have said I found this photo on the internet can this be used instead? .Professor wants everyone to be more proactive and less reactive. The Introduction and Literature Review General Purposes: .Present a discussion of the question under investigation. .Present a review of literature to the relevant question. .The professor said that the review of literature is to tell the reader what we know at this point. Reasons for References .To distinguish between facts, speculation and questions. .To identify the source of facts. .Where has that information come from? .To help locate reports in books or journals. Sources of Questions .Theories .There are theories that we need to test out. .Most of you are very skilled in a lot of areas. .The question is what method of learning is best - is it best to learn with block practice or random practice? .Previous Research Page 1 of5 .Previous research has shown that exercise is good for your grade point average. .How much exercise is ultimate to give you great grade point average? .Practical Problems .If you work for Recreation Work in the Field House which is in the workout area; if you go there in early January do you think it is busy? .Yes New Year’s Resolutions and that lasts for about 2 weeks then the enrolment kind of drops off. What can we do to keep the participants coming out on a regular basis? Newspaper Article: Scientists lost: How do pigeons find their way home? .Somehow they have to have a compass and a map. .Most of you have a compass but not all of you have a map. .The map is the steps that you need to get there. .The best way to do it is to ask people who have already done it. .It could be the earth's magnetic field, the position of the sun in the sky, ultra-low-frequency sound waves, and smells in the air... Types of Research .Basic and Applied .Qualitative and Quantitative .Descriptive and Experimental .Longitudinal and Cross-Sectional .Human and Animal .Think about each category separately. Basic and Applied .A continuum exists that describes the relationship between the two. .Pure and applied. Basic (Pure) research -goal is to discover new knowledge -usually deals with theoretical problems -may have no practical application at the present time .We are trying to uncover all of the facts. .Applied research -an effort to solve an immediate problem -uses "real-world" setting Newspaper Article: Basic research key to creating knowledge .The author is saying you are reaping the rewards of pure research that existed 50-60 years ago and nobody knew how it was going to be used. .The problem is governments and businesses are very political in nature. Page 2 of5 .Businesses are all about money they want research that will make them money tomorrow. .Most of the money gets put towards research that is applied. .Things that were done as pure - are not useful. Newspaper Article: Pigs Man's other best friend .They are genetically very similar to humans but you would not have known this without further testing. Basic Research Important Examples BYT (Before Your Time) (See article) Applied Research (See article)
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