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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2049
Merv Mosher

September 14, 2009 KINE 2049 .Professor would like to go over the use of WebCT. .When you have a screen log in. .When you are communicating - please use the Quote option when you are replying. .When you go to reply click on quote and see the previous message that appears there and you can add your notes. .After you have viewed a message Click on the All Button. .Many times you may wish to reply privately. .Lectures are recorded in this class. .Professor is suggesting that you click on different tabs to find the lectures and the screens that show the notes. .Use the system in advance of the exams in this course as when it comes time prior to the exam the system will crash with excessive number of students inquiring. .Question: Are your lecture videos on your website? Yes if you go to the name of the course Research Methods and you go to the links you will find it. .If you do the labs at home - what time can you show up to your lab to make sure that you can get it marked? Professor advised 12:00 noon but no later than that. .Labs are every week and they start next week. .Problem finding the Chem Lab - HH Lab. .If you enrolled recently that may be the issue. .Near the top of the page there is a *star to activate service. Why would be doing a course called Research Methods in Kinesiology? .Professor advised that people are not the fastest species we cannot outrun gazelles and tigers but yet human species dominate the planet. .Why is that we have the ability to dominate the planet? Answer: it is because of research we are able to improvise - change, fix and modify and we end up rulers of the planet. .Professor said that this is one of the most important classes in university. Page 1 of4 .This course is important because he hopes that you learn a method of thinking - which is skepticism. .Be skeptical of what you read, see etc. .The university is preparing for the HN1N1 flu. .Professor advised we will talk about who benefits from the fears of swine flu. .Overhead slide shown from the stages of ape to man. .Professor said that all of us for sure at one point that we were hunters and carried spears. .We then transformed and became farmers and we were then into hard work and into the Industrial Revolution. .Now we are computer users hunched over. .He thinks this is an interesting perspective on how we evolved. .Previously there were no computers and you had to write letters and it took about a week to get an answer. .We as humans are not satisfied with the status quo - we want things faster and faster. .Professor said that many of you take things too seriously. .Professor said wait until you become parents have a mortgage etc... .Professor talking about how we will usually sit in the same seats every class. .The more people you know the more successful you will be. .Newspaper picture shown - Canadians excel in school but 'can do better' at life. .Professor said for most of his life he has been a coach. .Professor said that a student came into his office to thank him for how he taught his class. .You will be bombarded with diets. .The Low-Carb food Craze. .Suddenly, stores are filed with low-carb products.... .Short video clip - Psychic Demonstrations .How did they do these types of things? .Most people would say yes it must be t
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