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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2049
Merv Mosher

September 16, 2009 KINE 2049 .Questions that are of interest to others - please post them on the discussion board as the professor checks this all of the time. .Just put Question for Professor M. .Labs start next week and you need to read the lab before you go into the lab. .A system has been created and has been in operation over a year. .A new vending machine that will replace your drug store. .The machine is in Toronto - the pharmacist is in Oakville. .Machines have been part of a pilot project with Sunnybrook Hospital. .Almost all drugs except narcotics will be available. .Discussing I Phone - Google Voice you connect through Google's voice. .Apple and the other phone companies are worried about this. .The nature and purpose of research. .A profession is only as strong as the research that it produces. .A profession must produce new knowledge if it is to remain viable. .Kinesiology holds the key to a better healthier life - all about exercise, and diet. .The primary method by which a profession advances its knowledge base is the process of research. .Research is about finding solutions to problems in a logical, orderly and systematic fashion, .Example of one type of research - one of the very common practices was bloodletting to take the bad blood out. .In some cases they used leeches. .For burn cases they still use leeches. .If you happen to be a redhead you are more sensitive to pain as per newspaper clipping. .Next newspaper article- The facts prove it" World's getting hotter” - the professor advised that he would dispute this as the last 2 summers have been wet. .The purpose of a newspaper is to make money. Page 1 of6 "Too few female heart patients in drug test" .The problem is that research is done on white young healthy males and they apply this research to the rest of the world. .You will hear ads on the radio asking for people to volunteer for drug tests. .There are special publications that come out that summarize the results of studies. .Vitamin C, Vitamin B - examples of this. .In your textbook there are a lot of examples about this. Markers for Monitoring Overtraining and Recovery (See textbook) .You are responsible for knowing how this relates to the concept being illustrated. .He is not going to ask you who is the author of this article. .He could ask you something that pertains to a theory or a concept of a theory. A Comparison of Mental Practice Techniques as Applied to the Developing Competitive Figure Skater (See text) .Maybe mental practice is going to help you. .Coping strategies used by national champion figure skaters (See text) .Coping strategies are very important. Stacking and "Stoppers": A Test of the Outcome Control Hypothesis .Minorities are excluded from positions with the greatest opportunity. Performance Changes in Champion Swimmers aged 30-84 Years. (See text) .Professor recommends to get into this field because baby boomers will have money to pay for these programs. .As you get older aerobic racing becomes more difficult. Cocaine and Exercise: Physiological Responses of Cocaine-Conditioned Rats (See text) .Example how rats performed using drugs. Outside the Frame: Newspaper Coverage of the Sugar Ray Leonard Wife Abuse Story .This article analyzes the print media's ideological framing of the story of boxer Sugar Ray Leonard's admission of having physically abused his wife and abused cocaine and alcohol. We…(Professor changed slides). Page 2 of6 International Bias Detected in Judging Gymnastic Competition at the 1984 Olympic Games .This is very biased it is fixed as per the professor. .Professor said they keep trying to change the scoring to make it look like this is not happening. .Picture displayed of Karate Match - person got disqualified and hit the judge. Factual Information? .Advertising claims vs. facts -Parity claims - when somebody says there is nothing better than product X (Tylenol to fight a headache). .Most people think that nothing better is the best. -"Nothing better" .Nothing better means it is the same as other products. -Testimonials -hair tonic .Ad for the Ab Rocker - Picture Shown .Testimonials are not what happens to the a
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