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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2049
Merv Mosher

September 30, 2009 KINE 2049 .Last class we were talking about searching on the internet. .How to you look on a search engine. .There is no single best way to do Internet searches. ."Ants" ."Grasshoppers....(Professor changed slides) .Keywords are vital to the success of searches. .Formulating a query is like solving a mystery -Who/what, when, where, how, why? .Google has a lot of things available he previously discussed the Apple I-Phone. .You can text Google - the text #46645. .Purpose of air miles is so that you can be tracked to see what you are buying, what you are doing. .When you visit websites little trails are left behind and they are called cookies. .You may want to turn off your cookies - this depends on the browser that you are using. Spreadsheets 3 primary uses 1. Numeric computations 2. Graphics 3. Data management .You will be using this in your labs. Numeric computations .If you are doing research and you have collected data. .You can use excel to do your calculations. 2).Excel can use these numbers and put them into graphs. .Professor talking about potato guns. .By changing one number you can get another number. Data Base 3).This will be discussed later on in the term. Page 1 of4 Potato Gun Parameters .What angle would be the best way to shoot? .He is trying this at 35 degree angle, then changes it to a 78 degree angle. .Suppose the professor wants to simulate rolling dice. .We need to be talking a common language. .At the top is a Title Bar. .The next thing is a Menu Bar and you can determine what items appear on it. .The next thing is the Standard Tool Bar. .Box where the A1 appears it is the Name Box - inside the name box you will see A1 .You have Column Headings and these numbers down the side are called Row Headings. .Where a column and a row meet that intersection is referred to as a cell. .Every cell has a reference - that reference would be C4 as professor's example. .You always start with the column row first. .Down to the bottom of the worksheet are Sheet Tabs. .You can have hundreds of these sheet tabs. .You can also have thousands of row columns. .Down at the bottom is the Dry Tool Bar. .On most Excel Sheets you will find Scroll Bars. .There are vertical and horizontal scroll bars. .If you want to split the screen there are little icons. .You can change the font size. .The percentage sign allows you to change the size of the page. .In an excel worksheet there are often drop down menus. .If thing
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