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Sports Nutrition Lec

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2475

Kine 2474 thJune 6 2011 Acceleration sprintsgradual increases in running speed from jogging to striding in 50 to 110 meter segmentsContinuous fast runninglong distance running or swimming at a fast paceContinuous slow runninglongdistance running or swimming at a slow paceHollow sprintstwo sprints interrupted by hollow periods of jogging or walking recoveryInterval sprintingalternateInterval trainingrepeated periods of work interspersed with periods of reliefJoggingcontinuous running at a slow pace over a moderate distance eg 23 milesRepetition runnigsimilar to interval training but with longer work and relief intervalsSpeed play fartlekalternating fast and slow running over varying natural terrain Sprint trainingrepeated sprints at maximal speed with complete recovery between repeatsSPORTS NUTRITION Carbohydrates5560if you are a long distance runner you may have as much up to 75 carbs prime food sourceFats2530 Protein1015 Milk and cheeseMeat and Fish eggsBread cereal pastaFruits and vegetables Athlete5000 Kcal12501500 fat500750 proteinNutritional SnackingMaintenance of blood glucose levels plus caloric requirementsFood GroupsMilk and cheeseMeat and high protein Fruits and vegetablesBreads and cereals 3 meals per day for nonathletes 56 meals per day for training athletesEnergy NutrientsFood when chemically broken down provide energy for synthesizing ATPPrimary o Muscle and liver glycogeno Fats stored in adipocytes and muscle o Protein not normally utilizedhowever protein is important for building muscle Proten
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