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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3012
Tara Haas

25 March 25, 13 perritubular but in loop of henle called vaso recta The Glomerulus - Bowmans capsule that surrounds the glomerulus - Afferent brings it into glomerulus - Glomerulus is essentially looped capillaries -- > eventually blood exits into efferent arteriole - Capillary = endothelium - Tubule = epithelium Podocytes & the Filtration Barrier Outside of the basement membrane called a podocyte - which have a large cell body, “foot processes” - but don’t have a complete barrier, they have gaps in between - glomerulus job is to get fluid through the membrane and into the bowman’s capsule (movement of filtrate) - Fenestrated – means they have a gap in between - Basement made of mesh proteins - Gaps between podocytes called “filtration slit” - Loose ->> more permissive to water and molecules than in the systemic capillaries - Cant pass glomerulus  RBCs WBCs Large proteins albumins
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