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Homeostasis Class Notes Clear organized notes for homeostatic control systems.

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3012
Tara Haas

Homeostatic Control Systems Levels of regulation  Intrinsic controls relate to intracellular, intercellular, and local levels o Does not take into consideration other organs  Extrinsic controls relate to systems and organisms on a whole o Accomplished by nervous and endocrine systems  The brain receives feedback and communicates through hormones and neurotransmitters Homeostasis  Maintaining a relatively stable internal environment o Dynamically changing range of acceptable values—it is adaptive o When you go to a higher altitude you have an increased hematocrit after a period of time  There is a hierarchy of importance that determines which variables have priority o Dependant on the situation at hand (sacrificing peripheral warmth for core temperature in cold weather)  Steady state is the normal range of values above/below the set point o Requires energy to maintain  Error signal refers to a deviation from the set point (up and down fluctuations)  Sensitivity of the detector determines the r
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