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Humber College
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3012
Tara Haas

- Shock - Increased heart rate due to the loss of blood - Because of the baroreceptor reflex Page 114 - Aortic Pressure, stimulus that initiate baroreceptor reflex - Normal Blood pressure, causing stretch of aorta and activation of baroreceptor nerve endings - Lower blood pressure/dehydrated there is going to be less stretch in the aortic wall Page 114B - Parasympathetic only affects heart rate - Sympathetic has affects on HR, contractility, Venoconstriction *Veins stretch and pool in the veins* and Vasoconstriction *Affects TPR* - Baroreceptor reflex is a negative feedback and reacts within seconds, fast responder - Deals with rapid changes of blood activity such as exercise/posture Page 115 - Respond and keep you alive in certain situations - Reduced stretch of the baroreceptors - Reduced reaction in the parasympathetic nerves - Only good for increasing Mean Arterial Pressure, but if you reduce so much blood that it cannot increase it anymore *limit to this system* - Restores the heart to normal Page 115B - Fluid dynamics of the capillaries, simultaneously with the events of baroreceptors - Immediate drop in blood volume due
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