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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3012
Tara Haas

Transition: Rest to Moderate Dynamic Exercise - Change from resting to exercise cardiac output is dominantly due to increased Heart Rate - TPR drops during exercise by vasal dilation, higher sympathetic drive to the body, we know this is occurring because of increased heart rate - Quiz: What causes the changes in HR, SV, EDV, SBP? *What are everything that causes these? What are the steps? Connect the dots in a correct and coherent way, understand the cause effect relations* - Review: Figures 8-34, 8-37, 8-40 Long Term Regulation of Blood Volume & MAP - Limitation of baroreceptor reflex that it can't affect Blood volume - They can become less sensitive to repetitive stimulus - e.g. Blood volume causes a continuous change of increased MAP - Their set point to responsiveness can become altered due to long term change - 140mmHg becomes the normal level of MAP *Reason why there is hypertension* - Baroreceptors now try to maintain a 140mmHg pressure in the body instead of 120mmHg - To solve this long term problem, relationship is built between the cardiovascular system and the renal system - Increased MAP, more water is taken from blo
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