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Lecture 18

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3012
Tara Haas

Page 93 - Unique feature for left ventricle; Stop flow resultant from ventricle contraction, only seen within the left ventricle because right ventricle doesn't generate much pressure, Right ventricle pumps 8mmHg - Reduced blood supply due to plaque - Myocytes depolarize *characteristics of a heart disease*, part of the heart doesn't contract even when receiving the contraction signal Page 94 - If your aorta is at 150mmHg, then you left ventricle needs to exert that amount of force in order to maintain the oxygen requirement - Infarction permanent cause damages to ventricles, myocytes dies and irreplaceable, permanent region within the myocardium that the heart can't produce the same strength Page 94B - How blood is distributed to different part of the bodies - Arterial are the largest drop in blood pressure Page 95 - Arterioles control the flow of blood into particular organs - Arterioles have ability to control their diameters which control resistance of flow into that particular circulation - The blood will seek other low resistance pathways - Large dilation of the arterials during exercise - No flow --> Skin, Constriction in order to reduce the amount of heat loss - Moderate --> Intestines, for absorption of nutrients - Large --> Kidneys, for removal of waste - Changes in blood flow during exercise - e.g. Why you might get indigestion if you exercise too early after you eat - Same change of blood flow to the brain no matter
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