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Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 3012
Tara Haas

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Page 110 - Lymph nodes keep track of what is going on in the interstitial fluid - Allows immune system to be exposed to interstitial fluid Page 111 - Large volumes of blood in the veins/venules, 60% capacitance vessels - Veins are distensible not because of elasticity, they have more fibrous/collagen proteins - They cannot recoil very well due to low levels of elastin, thus they remain in position until external forces change it - As you age, there is higher chance for the veins to pool blood at the bottom of the body - Compressive power of skeletal muscles to increase pressure/propel blood in both directions to lower pressure areas - Presence of venous valves, prevents blood from back flow - If you stand still for too long without moving your skeletal muscles, the blood stays at the bottom of your body and less blood returns to the heart *Reason why soldiers pass out if they're required to stand for long hours in uniform* - Sympathetic nerves release nor epinephrine will cause these cells to contract *venoconstriction, veno refers to venous blood vessels* Page 112 - Issue of getting the blood back to the heart to increase Cardiac Output - Blood volume = more filling p
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