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Lecture 2

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Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 3012
Tara Haas

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Page 10 - Extra Slides - Parts in the conducting zone aren't specialized for gas exchange - Most of the gas exchange occurs in the alveoli, made mostly of smooth muscle - Changing the radius in the conducting zone, it changes air flows Page 11 - Extra Slides - Aligned along the conducting zone - Cystic fibrosis, mutation in 1 protein causes mucous to fills the lungs, if in alveoli it stops gas exchange - Shows how the balance - Alveoli are 1 cell thick for easy gas exchange - Capillaries also 1 cell thick Page 12 - By having a balloon like structure, huge surface area - Distance between capillaries and alveoli is 0.5um - Diffusion doesn't move that far, e.g. the smell of food/skunk - So for it to be optimal, it has to be a close distance - The more interstitial fluid between the capillaries and alveoli reduces gas diffusion - 2 types of epithelial cells, - type 1 alveoli cell - gas exchange - type 2 alveoli cell - secretes surfactant, cleaning agent , reduces surface tension of the water, so the water doesn't stick onto the cell making it easier to inflate the lungs - Water is within the epithelial cell of the alveoli, we need to keep the layer of water there to prevent the cell from drying out and dying Page 13 - Thorax cavity - Top, collar bone is made of cartilage and flexible tissue - Problem is the lungs is airtight which is vital - Attached to the lung is membrane called Pleura - They form a sac between the lungs and thoracic wall, it may look joined but there's space inbetween - Filled with fluid and called intrapleural fluid - E.g. little water between 2 glass plates, they're not touching but they stick together - Pleural it adds pressure and a little bit of lubrication - I
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