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Lecture 3

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Humber College
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3012
Tara Haas

Page 17 Inspiration - We increase volume, what happens to pressure? Pressure will drop, so more air will move in - How to increase volume? We contract the diaphragm, it flattens, it increases the volume of the intrapleural space, then pressure goes down - When we breathe in, intrapleural pressure from 756 --> 754, thus increasing volume of alveoli and deceasing alveolar pressure causing air to go in - Misconception, we don't suck air in, air is pushed in due to the changes in pressure, delta P - Air stops going in after alveolar pressure and atmospheric pressure are equal - Thus, when we breathe, we increase transpulmonary pressure - At the end of inspiration, the recoil == transpulmonary pressure, when they stop moving, they are always equal Page 18 Expiration - Diaphragm relax, thorax becomes smaller, volum
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