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Lecture 5

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3012
Tara Haas

Page 27 - Total lung capacity, maximum amount of air the lung can hold - Residual volume, amount of air left in your lungs when you try to breathe it all out - Tidal volume, how much air you breathe in each time - Questions, you will be given numbers and how to find the values above - Memorize the graph and which value shows which graph Alveolar Ventilation - Minute ventilation, the amount of air you move in and out of your lungs every minute - Minute ventilation = Tidal volume * Respiratory rate - V*E = Vt * t (Might be asked to calculate this in the exam), V*E= Minute ventilation, Vt=tidal volume, t = breaths per minute - We all have a steady breathing rate, but we can control our breathing rate - We cannot control our heart rate, we can use chemicals to control it, but we cannot voluntarily stop our heart rate Page 28 - When I breathe in 5 litres of air, not all of it reaches to the alveoli, some of it gets stuck in the mouth/nose/trachea - Dead space, air that doesn't reach our alveoli because gas exchange doesn't occur outside alveoli - So we need to figure out how much air reaches our alveoli for gas exchange - 500ml of air comes into our respiratory system - All that dead air space gets pushed back into your lungs, so our alveoli never gets pure fresh air - 150ml of that air is dead space, so only 350ml of air we breathe in is fresh air - If you bring in fresh air, it's going to mix with alveolar air and dead space air Alveolar ventilation *With account of dead space* - V*a = (Vt - V0) * t (Probable exam question) V*a=alveolar volume, V0=dead space volume Page 29 -
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