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Lecture 7

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3012
Tara Haas

Page 39 - Hb acting as a sink to keep oxygen pressure high at the tissues to facilitate oxygen transfer - Equilibrium, pressure in A==B - If we have a hemoglobin in B, it absorbs 4 molecules, and it doesn't count as pressure - Oxygen molecules travel from high pressure gradient to low pressure gradient - Hemoglobin = cookie jar and it allows you to add more cookies, as you eat cookies, they start taking cookies out. Mom keeps adding cookies until the kids are full, the cookie jar fills up and mom stops. Now you got 2 pools of oxygen, cookies in the kid's stomach, and cookies in the jar. - Oxygen is carried as a store in Hemoglobin and cookies in the blood - This what happens with the tissue, when the dissolved oxygen in the blood drops, hemoglobin releases more dissolved oxygen into the blood - This allows it to keep oxygen level high, while keeping oxygen pressure low Page 40 - Total amount of Hb determines the amount of oxygen we can carry - RBC increases the amount of oxygen we can carry - Pressure of oxygen, 4 O2 molecules bound to Hb? - % of Hb saturated dependent on partial pressure of oxygen Graph - When you increase the partial pressure of oxygen, you increase the partial pressure of oxygen - P02 of 100mmHg, that's usually 100% saturation of oxygen, based on this curve - It's not linear, because of the fact that hemoglobin has 4 subunits on it - In chemistry, when oxygen is binded to Hb, it changes the shape of oxygen - It changes the affinity for oxygen - It's harder at the start, then becomes easier, then plateau to become harder again - * Lower affinity --> Higher affinity --> Lowest affinity - Hb doesn't want oxygen, it's hard for oxygen to bind to hemoglobin - Where is oxygen pressure low? In the tissues, Hb doesn't want oxygen in these areas. Hb is getting rid of it's oxygen - When Oxygen levels are high, it wants more oxygen *at the alveoli* - Borr effect won't be asked - Even at 40mmHg pressure of oxygen, we still maintain 75% of the o
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