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Lecture 9

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Humber College
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3012
Tara Haas

Page 48 Gas Transport Summary - Higher pressure of O2 in lungs --> HbO2 - Lower pressure of O2 in tissue --> Hb + O2 - This system allows us to have a larger amount to be transported while maintaining partial pressure - What determines partial pressure of gas in the alveoli? Pg (Patm * F gas) - Cell usage O2 and production CO2 --> Metabolic rate Page 49 Rhythmic Breathing - 2 types of control for diaphragm and intercostals muscles, voluntary and involutary - Pons and medulla is the control centre of this involuntary breathing - Chemoreceptors, sense chemicals, 2 categories: 1) Peripheral, *aorta and carotid* Arterial chemoreceptor is the blood coming to the heart oxygenated enough? Carotid chemoreceptor is the one that tests CO2 and H 2) Medulla, central chemoreceptor Page 50 extra slides - If we increase oxygen in our alveoli, there would not have any effect on breathing - Reduce in oxygen doesn't affect much until 60 mmHg of oxygen which causes 15% larger breaths - Change in the chemoreceptors causes these changes - Chemoreceptor has a constant rate of fire, impulses are sent to respiratory centre and are detected - Oxygen drops, brain doesn't sense it, however it detects the chemoreceptor now with an increase rate of fire - If oxygen increased, chemoreceptor fires at a slower rate - Chemoreceptor only detects deviation from the set point firing rate - The greater the rate of fire == greater rate of breathing Page 51 - Why doesn't oxygen lower breathing at slightly lower levels of oxygen? - The small change of oxygen pressure is not
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